Have you set your sights on a new or used car? Have you just concluded the sale with a dealer or an individual? For the vehicle to belong to you permanently, it is now important for you to proceed with the procedures for requesting a change of ownership from the owner of a car. In other words, the next step is to change the cardholder on the registration document of the car in question. Below is the information required to make this request.

Procedures for requesting a change of car owner online via ANTS

First, it is important to know when to start the procedure for changing the owner of the vehicle registration document. It is thus an essential step in the purchase of a car, the transfer in the event of an inheritance, the sharing of property in the event of separation (divorce). In the event of a new union or re-marriage, it is also possible to initiate the procedures for requesting a change of car owner in order to add a co-holder. That said, you can request a change of car owner on the web, through the dematerialized and digital services of ANTS or Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés. In this sense, in order to put the registration certificate in your name thanks to ANTS, you must first have the transfer code that the former owner of the vehicle gave you.

Request to change the owner of a vehicle via a reputable site

You are no longer unaware that the procedures to be followed for changing the cardholder are almost the same for each prefecture. However, there may be some differences. So, to avoid getting lost in these few differences, it is recommended that you request a change of certificate online. Yes, it is an effective solution that makes it easier to change the cardholder quickly, without spending long hours in front of the prefecture of your city. In other words, the online platforms offer everything you need to support and advise you on how to complete the application, obtain the new vehicle registration in a simple way, without having to leave your home.

Documents to be provided for the application

To complete your request to change the owner of a car with ANTS or an official reputable website, you must gather some supporting documents. These include, for example, a proof of residence, the roadworthiness test certificate for your car, the CERFA form duly signed. In addition, the application must also be accompanied by a copy of your identity document, the original form of the transfer declaration that you completed with the seller at the time of the transaction, the registration warrant, etc. In summary, the documents to be provided as part of the application to change a car's registration certificate include both your personal information and that relating to the vehicle you have just purchased.