Published on : 30 October 20193 min reading time

In the context of a car sale, the owner is obliged to provide a certificate or declaration of transfer to the buyer. The aim is to comply strictly with the legal requirements of the transaction. Do you want to sell your current car for personal or professional reasons? Have you found a potential buyer with whom you hope to close the deal? We invite you to discover in this article how to properly complete a vehicle transfer declaration and take advantage of it at the end of the operation.

Obtain the certificate or declaration of transfer

Above all, the transfer certificate or CERFA 15776 form is a contract that highlights the transfer of ownership of the automobile to a third party. This is a must have document when you decide to sell your vehicle. In this sense, as a seller, it is then up to you to fill it in correctly without defect and then to send one copy to the new owner, i.e. the buyer and another to the prefecture. So, to start, you will need to get the form first before you can complete a vehicle transfer declaration. To do this, you simply need to download it online from a well-known website in France.

Complete the transfer declaration correctly

The CERFA 15776 form contains most of the information about the car being sold. Therefore, before completing it, it is recommended that you have the vehicle’s registration certificate or vehicle registration document in front of you. Then, all you must do is enter your details (surname, first name, address, etc.), the car’s identification, in other words its registration number, type, make of vehicle, trade name, etc. on the transfer declaration. In short, everything related to the vehicle for sale. Afterwards, it is also up to you to fill in the blank concerning the buyer’s personal details and finally the date of the transfer. In this regard, it is exclusively advisable to specify the exact time of sale as this may allow you to be released from certain obligations as an owner in the event of an accident a few hours after signing the transfer certificate.

Send the CERFA 15776 form

You have taken the time to complete a vehicle transfer declaration online. All you must do is send it to the prefecture and the buyer. To do this, you have two options. On the one hand, you can send a printed version of the CERFA 15776 form duly signed by post to the address of your prefecture or sub-prefecture. On the other hand, it is quite possible to send it directly online by using the teleservice of your prefecture or sub-prefecture. An ideal alternative to save you time, while benefiting from a digital copy and an acknowledgement of registration of your vehicle’s transfer declaration online.