To reassure the buyer and respect the various administrative procedures, certain documents are useful when selling a vehicle. Once the agreement has been reached, some files should be sent to the relevant departments, while others should be given to the future owner. Find in the following article the list of these necessary parts.

The files to be given to the future owner of the vehicle

In the context of a car sale, the seller must send three mandatory documents to the buyer. First, the registration card. This describes the identity of the vehicle. It must have two diagonal lines and a mention "sold on...... ยป. The registration document must also bear the signature of the seller. For recent models, the cutting of the upper right corner is mandatory. Please note that the purchaser is responsible for changing the registration document. Then there is the certificate of transfer. This document indicates the transfer of ownership of the car. It is issued free of charge by the prefecture or on the Internet. The transfer certificate must be provided in triplicate (the first for the seller, the second for the buyer and the last for the prefecture). Finally, there is the non-pledge certificate. Also issued by the prefecture or online, this document indicates that the vehicle is not associated with a possible pledge or any form of judicial opposition. In addition, the roadworthiness test report is mandatory for cars more than four years old.

Mandatory documents to be submitted to the prefecture

Once the agreement has been reached and the car sold, the seller must send certain parts to the prefecture. This formality must be completed within fifteen days of the sale of the vehicle. The sale must be reported to the prefecture indicating the name and address of the buyer. A copy of the transfer certificate must then be attached to this declaration. Again, within fifteen days of the sale, the seller must notify the insurance company by registered letter and a copy of the transfer certificate.

Additional or optional supporting documents

In addition to the documents necessary for the sale of a vehicle, certain supporting documents may be added to it as an extra to better convince the purchaser. These include the user guide, logbook and maintenance invoices (to track regular car maintenance), the second set of keys and the security code. In addition to these documents, any additional wheels may be sent to the buyer.