Published on : 30 October 20193 min reading time

When you buy a new vehicle, it is essential to know and prove that it is not pledged. To do this, you need an official document that attests to this: the certificate of administrative status. You must obtain it to ensure the integrity of the vehicle. Remember that if the vehicle has administrative anomalies to mention only unpaid tickets at the time of purchase, you cannot obtain a vehicle registration document.

Why is it so important to have a non-pledge certificate?

Admittedly, the holding of a non-pledge certificate is not an obligation. However, it will be very useful to you to avoid problems related to the registration of your new car. Indeed, any buyer must be aware that the administrative adviser refuses to issue a vehicle registration document for any pledged vehicle. This case is equally disconcerting for the seller since he is also prohibited from selling in this condition. In addition, it is also impossible to make a declaration of assignment and receive an acknowledgement of registration. For all these reasons, it is recommended to have the non-pledge certificate on hand. It saves you unnecessary expenses of time and money.

Before you become the owner of a vehicle, first find out about its administrative status. Hence the need for a non-pledge certificate.

What is the procedure for obtaining a non-pledge certificate?

No money is required to pay for the procedure to obtain a non-pledge certificate for a vehicle. By going to the official vehicle registration website, you can apply for an administrative status certificate. To draw up this official document, you must have the vehicle’s registration document and provide the information requested on the website, in particular:

The registration number the date of the certificate of entry into service the date of first registration of the vehicle the identity of the holder

It should be noted that this last information may be replaced by the company name if the former owner of the vehicle was a company.

What solution should be adopted in the event of a pledged vehicle?

If the car you plan to buy is secured, the first thing to do is to contact the organisation responsible for this opposition. Then, discover the reasons for this action: reimbursement of money from the Public Treasury, a bailiff or a leasing company… Finally, you must pay these amounts. This is the only way to proceed.