Being young is often synonymous with intrepidity. Car rental companies are for the most part of this view, but they use another term, "high-risk driver". Therefore, younger and less experienced drivers are forced to pay an additional young driver fee if they want to rent a vehicle. Here you will find everything you need to know about the prices and conditions of the young driver supplement.

Why do I have to pay a young driver surcharge?

Car rental companies charge a young driver surcharge to novice drivers because they consider being a novice driver to be synonymous with risky driving. Being less experienced, the youngest drivers make on average more claims to the insurance company. These additional costs are charged by car rental companies to cover the higher risk they take when renting a vehicle from them. This is not some kind of judgment on the driving skills of young people, it is a measure taken to make sad statistics lie. Young novice drivers account for 18% of all road deaths, and are responsible for 32% of accidents, while road accidents are the main cause of death among young people.

Until what age do, I must pay a young driver surcharge?

In France, the minimum age for renting a car is generally 21, but some car rental companies accept to rent to drivers who are at least 18 years old. However, anyone wishing to rent a car must have a permit valid for one year, this figure can rise to three years with some rental companies. Most companies charge a young driver surcharge that applies to drivers under 25 years of age. According to one study, the risk of accidents among the youngest drivers is higher than that of people over 25 years of age.

How much do I have to pay for the young driver supplement?

The amount of the young driver supplement varies depending on your car rental company. The most accessible charge an extra 5 euros per day of rental, but with some more demanding companies the price can reach an amount of 40 euros per day, which doubles the cost of renting the vehicle. The prices and conditions of the young driver supplement can be checked in the rental conditions on the website of your rental company.