In the eyes of French legislation, no law stipulates a maximum age for renting a car. Indeed, any person holding a valid permit can use a rental service if he or she is of age. But what is the real age limit for renting a vehicle in France? And why do many drivers think otherwise?

Car rental, without age limit in principle!

In France, the minimum age for renting a vehicle is 21 years. But the driver must have a valid driver's license for at least 1 year. For some commercial vehicles, the minimum age is 25 years, with 3 years of driving experience. As for the maximum age for renting a car in France, there is no law stipulating a limit. Senior citizens as well as young drivers can sign a rental contract. But the most difficult thing is to find an agency willing to rent a car to senior drivers. Indeed, while some rental agencies impose restrictions and numerous rental conditions on seniors, others prefer not to rent a vehicle to people over 70 years of age. The latter evoke the reduction of capacities, the lack of alertness or the alteration of reflexes as factors favouring accident risks.

Renting for seniors, an expensive service

The search for a rental agency for seniors over 70 years of age is often difficult. Indeed, even after finding an agency that agrees to rent a car, the senior will have to plan a higher rental cost than the usual rate. Due to the reduced abilities of older people, landlords generally charge an exorbitant premium. However, this measure is not intended to discourage older people, since they are in a better position than some younger customers (more driving experience and purchasing power), but rather to prevent risks related to the age of the driver.

How to find a more affordable rental?

To rent a car at a low rate, a senior will therefore have to contact an agency specializing in renting for seniors. In order to find the right agency, do an Internet prospecting by consulting the professional websites. You can also consult the sites dedicated to this type of service. Before signing the contract, remember to check the prices and services offered and then compare them.