Published on : 31 October 20192 min reading time

The insurance of a used vehicle requires prior measures to be considered. This allows you to redefine the level and quality of your insurance with the insurer of your choice. Administrative procedures must also be followed for the granting of insurance.

Favour the administrative formalities of a used vehicle

One of the most recent questions is how to insure a used vehicle. You must take out a car insurance policy. You can choose the insurer of your choice. The contract can start on the day the vehicle is taken possession of. Following this subscription, you will obtain an insurance certificate and a provisional insurance certificate. By having these documents, you can move freely. The receipt of the final documents will be made when you obtain the new registration number. Before your purchase, you must take care to carry out the administrative procedures to ensure the continuity of the vehicle’s insurance. If you continue to drive without insurance, you risk a fine following a check by the police or gendarmerie.

Regulations corresponding to a used vehicle

There are some formalities to be completed before driving a used car.  A professional seller could deliver a turnkey car to you. However, the administrative side remains the responsibility of the buyer if you choose a sale between private individuals. First, it is necessary to recover the car’s papers. It must be noted that it is mandatory to ensure the vehicle as soon as it is taken possession of it. Insurance can be granted before the number of the registration document is changed. The vehicle was insured by the seller until the sale but not after. He had to write a termination letter to his insurer.

Prioritisation of formalities for second-hand vehicles

Insurance is mandatory in order to drive easily in a used car. You have a period of one month to regularize the registration document in your name. The insurance does not provide for any time limit. You can choose an insurance package that suits your needs. A low-value car should opt for all-risk coverage. You can contact a third-party insurer to save on your insurance bills. The legal protection guarantee can help you in your efforts if the vehicle has a hidden defect 15 days after its purchase.