Having become very popular on several online rental sites, car rental between individuals offers many advantages for both owners and tenants. But how do you rent a car to a private individual?

How does it work?

With the boom in alternative transport, more and more cars remain in the garage without being used for some time. Many owners have always found the solution to allow their vehicle to drive and to benefit from it: rental between individuals. To be able to rent your car to a private individual, the first thing to do is to find the best site specializing in car rental between private individuals. These sites act as intermediaries between tenants and landlords, organizing meetings between them. This is to facilitate exchanges between individuals, subject of course to a small commission.

How to rent a car to a private individual?

It is enough for the owner to specify on the site the information on the vehicle, including the make, model, motorization system, number of seats or doors. It must also specify the periods during which it will be available. Each advertisement must be accompanied by the rental price. For his part, the tenant makes his choice among the many models registered on the site and makes his reservation. He can thus benefit from a car nearby, for as long as he wants. From a few hours to a few days, it can benefit from an attractive price, depending on the quality of the vehicle. For information, it is forbidden to rent to a private individual without using an intermediary.

What are the advantages of renting between individuals?

For tenants, renting a car to an individual allows you to find a cheaper car compared to the same product offered by rental professionals. They can thus benefit from an occasional service, which could be available even on weekends. No more constraints either, especially in terms of maintenance costs. On the owners' side, renting between private individuals allows them to amortize the cost of their cars. A regular rental for an owner with an attractive vehicle and living in a high-demand area could, for example, bring in several hundred euros per month. In addition, as a car rental company, you can benefit from insurance while your car is being rented.