The automotive sector has been evolving for several years now. Electric cars, hybrids, etc. are starting to boost the market and manufacturers are constantly developing innovative models. However, most of these manufacturers believe that hybrid cars are the future of this sector.

Electric or hybrid vehicles?

A few years ago, developed countries began to encourage people to opt for electric cars. As a result, the registration of this type of car has increased. However, most users are not convinced to buy them because of several factors. First, electric vehicles are not satisfactory in terms of overall power. Thus, users are turning instead to investment in plug-in hybrid vehicles. For information, the latter are vehicles that have both an electric and an internal combustion engine. It is this particularity that gives power to this type of car. Secondly, there is not much difference between the average price of a hybrid car and that of a 100% electric vehicle. Of course, 100% electric is very environmentally friendly, but the power of a hybrid car is satisfactory now. Thirdly, about pollution, hybrid vehicles can operate in 100% electric mode in cities. Thus, they pollute less than combustion cars.

Hybrid vehicle market news

After the Dieselgate scandal, consumers changed their vision and mentality about car pollution. Since the scandal broke, the sale of hybrid vehicles has been constantly evolving. Some expert firms even claim that by 2030, hybrid cars will account for 50% of the market share of motor vehicles. Industry observers agree that with the evolution of the figures, this is quite possible, if not likely.

In short!

Hybrid cars will be the future of the automotive sector. By the way, please note that by 2021, the European Commission will set the 95 g/km limit for CO2 emissions. This is to tell you that the law governing CO2 emissions will become stricter in the world. As a result, manufacturers will be forced to find a better alternative. In addition, we know that internal combustion engines, especially diesel engines, are polluting. If we follow this logic, manufacturers will turn to the production of plug-in hybrid cars.   In short, hybrid cars and the future of the planet are two inseparable things.