When you buy a new car, you are always faced with the dilemma of choosing between a gasoline engine and a diesel engine. Since everyone will have a say in the reasons for choosing one over the other, it is interesting to base the comparison on objective elements.

Short-term comparison

A short-term comparison concerns the purchase price of a car and the cost of maintaining it. On the market, you will find that the price of a diesel car is more expensive, about 1,000 euros, than a gasoline car. And that's always true, whether you buy a new or used car. About car maintenance, we can talk about the cost of fuel and the cost of maintenance itself. When it comes to the price of fuel, diesel prevails, because the price at the pump of gasoline is always higher than that of diesel. However, in terms of vehicle maintenance, the maintenance of a diesel car is more expensive than that of a car running on gasoline. So, if you must choose between a gasoline engine and a diesel engine in the short term, the gasoline car wins.

The long-term vision

Things get a little tricky if you make a long-term comparison. We can talk, first, about fuel consumption. Even without mentioning the price, a diesel engine consumes less fuel than a gasoline engine, about 15%. So, if you are a frequent traveller or drive a lot on long trips, you will save money. As far as engine durability is concerned, diesel is also a good choice. Since a diesel engine runs at a lower speed than a gasoline engine, it wears out less quickly. Following the same logic, it is not surprising that diesel cars are better rated when resold. In the long term, choosing between a petrol engine and a diesel engine is like choosing a diesel engine.

What does the insurer think?

When considering insurance, it is gasoline that becomes more profitable, as diesel is charged a 10 to 15% more expensive policy. This is due to the higher cost of repairs to diesel cars compared to gasoline vehicles. In addition, as mentioned earlier, diesel is easier to sell, making it a prime target for thieves. Aware of this risk, the insurer adjusts the insurance policy accordingly. If we want to continue to compare the two engines, we can also look at other parameters, such as the environment and the ecotax. This makes it particularly difficult to choose between a gasoline engine and a diesel engine.