Published on : 31 October 20192 min reading time

Buying a car involves a large amount of money for a family. Thus, most households opt for credit purchases, whether to buy a new or used car. But what are the best credit vehicle purchasing solutions on the market?

Affected consumer credit and personal loans

First, the simplest solution is to opt for an allocated credit. As its name suggests, you are asking a bank for a loan to finance the purchase of a particular asset. As far as the purchase of a car is concerned, it is more precisely what is called car credit. We offer you the exact amount corresponding to the value of the car you want to buy.


A personal loan is also a form of credit intended for private consumption. You can do whatever you want with it. This form of credit is advantageous for the purchase of cheaper cars. For more information, visit the MAAF website.

Leasing with purchase option

LOA or leasing with option to purchase is a form of vehicle rental that is increasingly coveted by motorists. At the end of the rental contract, the lessee may purchase the car in question against payment of an amount agreed upon at the signing of the said contract.

To finance the purchase of a recent car, this method is effective. However, some conditions will still have to be met. For example, the car should not suffer much damage and should not exceed a certain mileage each year.

Conventional bank credit and revolving credit

You can also choose traditional bank loans to finance the purchase of a car. The best thing is to have in your possession a sum that will have to be completed with the loan. This way, you will quickly receive a response from your bank or credit institution.

Finally, you can also opt for revolving loans. In fact, this form of credit is also called “revolving credit”. The advantage of this type of credit is the ease of procedures.

These are several effective solutions for financing the purchase of a car on credit. However, choose the one that corresponds to your financial resource. In addition, choose the establishment that offers the best rate. To find out, use the online comparators.