The cart or unlicensed car (VSP) is the ideal means of transport for seniors, teenagers aged 14 to 18, as well as drivers whose driving licence has been revoked. It is also the ideal tool for any new driver who wishes to familiarize himself with the driving of a land motor car. However, a question remains: is it mandatory to insure a car without a licence?

VSP insurance, an obligation and a necessity

Just like ordinary and classic cars, i.e. the ones you use in your daily life to go to work, to do your shopping, to transport your goods, a cart must above all be insured, at least with a contract or a classic insurance formula. In other words, it must at least have civil liability coverage. In addition, a VSP remains above all a motorized means of land transport. Thus, you are required to register it immediately after the acquisition. For your VSP to benefit from a minimum level of insurance coverage, it is simply important that you provide your insurance company with a copy of its vehicle registration document.

To choose the right VSP insurance

First, it should be noted that your partner or a member of your family may position themselves as the second occupant or second holder of your VSP. Thus, he can benefit at any time from the same protection offered by your insurer. In this regard, from the simple insurance formula to the most complete, you have at your disposal the same guarantees as those offered by a traditional insurance contract. It is only up to you to choose the best formula that corresponds to your needs of use. If you regularly use your cart, to best prevent the particular risks involved in driving a VSP, you are advised to insure a car without a licence with additional guarantees such as the personal guarantee of the driver, the legal protection guarantee, the damage guarantee, etc.

Condition to benefit from car insurance without a licence

For the insurance company to agree to cover your cart, you must be in good standing with the law. The other conditions then differ depending on your age. If you were born before 1988, you can acquire a VSP, drive it and insure it without any prerequisites or specific conditions. However, if you were born after January 1, 1988, you must hold a BSR or Brevet de Sécurité Routière. Accessible from the age of 14, after theoretical courses in college and a practical session of about 7 hours, this diploma allows you to master the art and the way to move freely with your cart, micro-bus, etc.