Holiday stays, travel abroad, etc. everyone may need to rent a vehicle to ensure their daily shopping. From this point of view, for a car rental outside France, there are a few golden rules to follow in order not to find yourself in an embarrassing situation. With this in mind, we invite you to discover, in this article, the tips for renting a car abroad.

Rent a vehicle from a reliable agency

At first, before you even think about renting a car for your trips abroad, be sure to check if the destination country or city does not require additional rules. Indeed, most destinations in the world require that the lessor be over 21 years old, or even 25 years old, with at least one year's driving licence. Once you have met these conditions, it is now important for you to rent your means of travel from a reference rental agency or platform abroad. To do this, you can, for example, consult the list of international rental agencies to obtain some information or even rent the car of your choice immediately. In addition, there are also local agencies or car rental companies. The latter have the advantage of offering you a rental car at an attractive price. In general, local rental companies offer used cars, which are therefore cheaper. In addition, you can also opt for a car rental between individuals to use the vehicle of your choice for a day, half a day, etc.

Check the clause of the insurance contract

Before signing the rental contract, one of the best tips for renting a car abroad is to check the insurance contract clause even in the case of a short-term rental. Thus, the best option available to you is to rent by credit card. Indeed, this payment solution already allows you to benefit from certain priority coverages for all types of car insurance. These include, for example, civil liability coverage, vehicle theft or breakdown, damage in the event of accidents, etc. You can then choose other coverage options such as TP (Theft Protection), TPC (Theft Protection Collision), etc.

Follow the practical rules for a better vehicle rental abroad

First, don't forget to bring your French driving licence. Then, it is advisable to rent a vehicle adapted to your journey, your needs, etc. Obviously, for a trip to the city, there is no point in renting an off-road 4×4. Also take the time to check the mileage of the car agreed in the rental agreement. That's right! Excess mileage can sometimes be expensive. Apart from that, don't forget to make a brief inventory of the car in the presence of the rental agency staff when you hand over the keys and of course when you return the vehicle. Finally, take the time to find out about your destination. If possible, it is recommended that you bring a GPS tracker or establish a well-defined itinerary before taking the road.